Will Delhi be ready by 2010?

Metro construction is in a high stage. Almost the whole of Delhi is filled with traffic diversions, earth debris, massive scale construction, dust and the most annoying traffic bottlenecks. And in this chaos, occurred an unfortunate event on Sunday, 19th October, where two people lost their lives and thirty were injured. This was due to the collapse of an under-construction bridge over a public bus. This of course, was just an accident, but it lead to a common worry- whether an elevation in roadwork could cause other fatal accidents as well. One might not even imagine that a place already earthquake prone, can become so weak to hold such a large population, when half of the city is already dug up to construct new metros.

Well, it is indeed a matter of pride that even Delhi will now be the owner of such a large system of metros- a public transport that is not only eco friendly, but also a time saviour when it comes to long journeys. But, then our original means of transport should not be neglected as well. The rains this year have also done no good. This all has resulted in broken roads with huge pot-holes. A fine example of this disastrous mayhem would be the road connecting South-Extension and AIIMS in New Delhi. No measures have been taken as yet, to improve the condition of busy roads. The roads are jagged and it seems as though you are driving over a mass of unsmoothed coal tar. Disprins and Aspirins are essentials in these head-churning drives.

After roads comes the problem of fly overs- which seem to come under every ten minutes of a drive. Yet no one notices the jhuggis constructed under the fly overs by the labourers employed for the construction. The real dilemma will occur after the construction is over. The removal of such jhuggis and labourers will not be easy; infact, it is going to be quite a task!

This massive plan made for the makeover of Delhi by 2010 Common Wealth games, has definitely has side affects, damaging the routine busy lives of many delhi-ites. We can only hope that all these measures taken by the Delhi government to improve the city will be carried out in an orderly manner. Moreover, we should question whether all the greenery and new structures that have sprouted up in the city are maintained even after the elections, more importantly, even after the 2010 games get over.

Shambhavi Sharan

[Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/japinder/2467225152/]