Will Sakshi Maharaj Become The Death Of Hindutva?

Sakshi Maharaj

When he is not asking Hindu women to challenge their wombs, he is having a look at their ‘injuries’ by asking them to remove their pants in public.

Sakshi Maharaj successfully unbuttoned a fresh controversy, literally and recently. An outrageous video has surfaced in which the BJP MP is seen asking a girl to remove her jeans so he can have a look at her ‘injuries’. The girl was hurt during an alleged police raid at her house. In the video, the saffron brigade’s poster child is seen (in a saffron cloak, of course) sitting on a chair, surrounded by a crowd. A few women coax the girl to show Maharaj her wounds and not “hide anything”.

The girl reluctantly takes off her belt publicly, while the MP looks on.


After this video went viral, there was a massive outrage across social media. According to news reports, the incident-in-question happened in the house of a BJP worker in Uttar Pradesh’s Mainpuri on May 3. In his defence, Maharaj termed the allegation as “baseless” and said it was at the behest of some media persons that the girl had undone her jeans.

“I had immediately intervened and asked her to stop from doing so. The media people insisted she reveal her wounds. Later, I stood up and left the place. The girl is like my daughter. One should first see the video and then draw any conclusion against me,” the BJP MP from Unnao told The Times of India.

Well, it can be safely said that this was not the first time the MP was found courting controversy. He pulls out a unique charade all the time. The man, who is known to embarrass the Modi clan had, not so long ago, said that it was necessary for Hindu women to produce at least four children to “protect the religion” and keep it going. So, what happened to family planning, contraception, nunnery and foreplay? Does he have a say in an individual’s carnal fetishes as well?

Is this man hell-bent on bringing down the very foundation of Hindutva that the saffron party had painstakingly cemented? What was he thinking again, when he fuelled the Dadri lynching case of 2015, by saying that Hindus would kill in order to protect their cows from getting slaughtered?


From calling Nathuram Godse a martyr to gnawing on the Ayodhya-Babri Masjid nugget, this man’s preoccupation with everything provocative, may just give the BJP-led NDA government a terrible headache.

Prerna Mittra

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