Winchester Bros Cannot Fight Indian Shapeshifters, And Here’s Why


Heaven, hell and purgatory, what?

We Indians savour drama like pakoras in the monsoon and a hot cup of chai­ in the pitiless months of winter. We do not care if someone questions our cognitive abilities; we are ridiculously hooked to our primetime soaps that are peppered with insanity. The truth is- we love being ridiculed, so cheers to sarcasm.

Of late, our protagonists (read: saree-clad demon-slayer bahus) are being beleaguered by paranormal elements, and instead of snubbing the producers for propagating superstition to an impressionable audience, we are enjoying it! And we have reasons as well. Our CGI teams are world’s best and all Indian shapeshifters owe them their invincibility. It should not come as a rude shock if Mayuri Morni squishes Dean Winchester like a bug. I mean, you have been to the end of the world and back, Dean, but Morni? You do not want to mess with her.


Our shows have slithering snakes in blouses that rouse men in their human forms before killing them. So progressive! We had a patali devi as well, who had possessed our very own Simar in her sasural. We never run short of ideas, I swear. The amount of research that goes into these shows is unfathomable, and dare you question us. But, we also care about television ratings a lot. So much that when one show comes up with a plot which is tenuously ghostlike, the others get involved in the ‘slugfest’ too – sugar, spice but nothing nice.

For instance, we were indubitably thrilled when a shapeshifting mongoose – that looked like a deer – was killed by two women who were naagins by the night (and we thought Mr Hyde was a curious character). So much of unadulterated drama, no?

Going back to where we started – the real reason why the Winchesters cannot fight the paranormal in Indian soaps is because (moment of truth) they don’t want to!

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They have a gazillion things to do in Kansas and wherever they travel in their Impala. Every Indian serial is a spinoff of another serial and they all look the same – a lacklustre premise and a mundane storyline. Fighting nevalas and naagins would be the last thing Dean and Sam would do; as if the flimsy shows are not cringe-worthy enough.

I would like to ask the makers of these soaps, if they have ever considered watching CW’s Supernatural. The amount of research that goes behind every single episode is commendable. The makers have successfully convinced some us into believing that Misha Collins is indeed an angel.

If Indians really want to watch ghosts, ghouls and shapeshifters, why don’t they watch it in style? There is nothing special about the effects and we wonder why people have not boycotted these shows already.

The Indian television needs a refurbishment, and needs it soon. It better start making changes, lest it sinks in a nauseous pool of a frustrated audience.

Prerna Mittra

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