Windows 7

This era is the era of Science and Technology. The empowerment of Science took its speed with the discovery of ‘Difference Engine’ by Charles Babbage. But today’s computer is not just inherited his work but also a number of contributions all around the globe.

At first in 1936 Konrad Zuse invented ‘Z1 Computer’ first freely programmable computer. Then through a number of improved systems in 1954 it reached to the first successful high level programming language supported system invented by John Backus & IBM named as FORTRAN Computer Programming Language. In 1970 Intel introduced first dynamic RAM and next year the first microprocessor. Same year IBM came with floppy disk and within 3 years networking supported computer also came into market. These all set a platform for launch of first consumer computer by IBM in 1974/75. The scenario changed in 1981 with two technologies. On one hand IBM introduced first personal computer which started a revolution and on other hand Bill Gates came into light with the operating system of century MS-DOS. MS-DOS was a grant success but it had used command prompt so normal users were satisfied enough but their queries were answered by Apple in 1983. The Apple Lisa Computer used Graphical User Interface (GUI) based systems so the users were able to utilise them without much computer related knowledge. In 1984 Apple launched Mac much affordable operating system but next year Microsoft came up with an operating system Windows which proved to be a landmark in the history of operating system as it had used GUI and also multitasking environment, And so the silent war between Microsoft and Apple technology was initiated. Even the piracy couldn’t succeed to make any loss to Microsoft. The war is still on.

Starting with Windows 1.0, Microsoft never looked back, Windows initial success had changed the whole market. Initially all software from Microsoft was created for IBM personal computers and sooner IBM became one of its clients. But the controversy started with upgrades of Windows. Each edition had greater expectations but none of these succeed to complete them. Microsoft always tried to do better than before but failed every time .The biggest shock was (is) still Windows Vista which is developed after a lengthy development process. Vista came with big promises, some new design decisions were taken to improve security at the expense of compatibility and it also provided new visual design and increased speed and compatibility even with older computers. Upgrade facility is also available with this operating system but still it became the most frustrating operating system. Now Microsoft is again on the stage with its newly improved Windows7 which doesn’t have a facility of direct upgrade from Windows XP. So user will have to do fresh installation to overcome this it associates with option of using Windows Easy Transfer to migrate files and settings from Windows XP to Windows 7 on the same computer. This operating system has got fabulous reviews but Vista too got this initially when it was launched. But the point to be noted is the sale of this operating system. The basic requirements of a PC to run on Windows 7 are 1GHz processor, minimum 1GB of RAM, and 16GB hard drive space that is a PC cable of running Vista can work for Windows 7 too. For this new arrival Microsoft is fixed $199.99 for the Home Premium version of Windows 7, or $119.99 for users seeking to upgrade from older versions of the OS. Even in the time of this crisis the high price doesn’t seem to affect the OS as we look on the data available, its pre-order booking on Amazon even crossed previously held record by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows. It is yet to be confirmed whether this initial euphoria was caused by the frustrated Vista experience or the yearn to move beyond the XP.

Operating System is the most essential system software of any computer. It serves as an interface between user and hardware ie it works as a translator. So let us hope for the best without a better operating system that doesn’t complicate life yet provides brilliant features.


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