The sun, once strong; now shines just to prove

all good things must cease to exist.

Breathing for survival; alive, but not living.

Teeth tatter- is it the cold? Or is it rage – because you are cold?

I just want the stars to shine;

the sparkle will show you the way.

And when all this glamour fades with the evening sun,

you’ll be searching for your own star;

Just as I am searching for you.

The remnants of the glow that once walked beside you, once kept you warm, your guide.

Mapless and aimless now, you’re lost.

Look for the warmth, the love you’ve left behind;

and help Her find you.

Time has come to be;

A heart broken, a connection formed.

A view. Viewpoints.

Yours and mine.

The view I stare at now is your beautiful union… you shimmer.

Then there’ll be winter – you’ll be cold and lonely,

And that day I’ll watch you shiver.

Akanksha Kapoor