Winters Are Too Much to Handle, And So Are Summers And Monsoons


Half way into December, winters have now fully arrived. The weather has become biting cold and we have covered ourselves with heavy sweaters and jackets.The warmth of soups and hot coffee, a variety of deep-green winter vegetables, the chic fashionable winter wears. I personally enjoy winters more than any other season; sweat-free, tan-free beautiful winters.

However, it amuses me to see the hilarious take of Indian news channels on winters; for that matter, any season. They are downright pessimistic about reporting the weather. If it’s chilly then it’s too chilly; if it’s not cold, then why they question why have the winters not arrived. When there is a snow fall then it’s a problem, if not then why isn’t there any snow fall this season? The weather can never satisfy the people. Summers are too hot, monsoons are too wet. In any which way, the weather change is always too much to handle.

There are special half hour programs dedicated to reporting the season in a dejected manner. From the pictures and videos displayed in the reports, people actually seem to be enjoying the weather. It’s funny how people are smiling and enjoying the snow fall when the reporter is highly concerned about it. I saw a program in which the reporter was interviewing a random girl at India Gate. The girl seemed to be enjoying the chilly weather but the reporter questioned the girl from such a pessimistic angle; “Winter has arrived and it is too cold. What problems are you facing?” Problems? Ugh. Not everyone faces problem. How can we be so cynical with our perception towards the weather? The girl happily replied that it is cold but it should be; it’s an enjoyable weather.

In a tropical country like India, most regions never get to an experience of the chills and the icy flakes falling around their houses. But Himachal Pradesh that falls in the northern region of the country sharing its border with Jammu and Kashmir, go through snowfalls and at times even snowstorms. What are we expecting it to be like in Himachal Pradesh during December and January? Just like any other day during the months of April and May in Delhi? It has to be cold. The headlines and taglines used are cynical; “Winter break havocs this season”, “This is the chilliest winter so far which have broken all records of coldness”. “People suffer in the dreadful chills”.

Of course winters are cold and chilly, but will complaining help and change anything about them? Instead we need to prepare ourselves to face the chills. Snowfall is not something new in the hilly areas of the country, so why not plan ahead of time? There is a permanent negativism in the weather reports that become very annoying at times. Is that the only perception to take on the season? So it’s true, weather can never satisfy us in any possible way!

Ratanpriya Sharma

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