With the face of terror dead, where does this all lead us?

With USA conducting, what is considered to be a successful oversees army operation; most of the American citizens think the world would be a better place to live, while others think of it as a desperate effort on Barack Obama’s part to stay in the office for next 5 years.

Whatever the case is, the terror groups have already made their intentions clear of more terror attacks in India, UK and the United States.

The big question really is where does this all lead us?

The Pakistan government and the Pakistanis are humiliated than ever before. The biggest terrorist of the century was living some meters away from the army base at Abbotabad. Most of the nations in the world are asking for explanation from the government, the political leaders are on the defense, trying to save the face of Pakistan from being known as a terror state. The Pakistanis are believed to be providing shelter to the terrorists, where as they say that Pakistan itself is a terror ridden nation. As a counter attack claim that India is funding the terrorists in Afghanistan, so as to promote the terror strikes in Pakistan.

All the political instability, terror strikes, US interruptions; Pakistan can never be a nice neighbor.

Imran Khan the Chair-person of Tahreek-e-Insaf, one of the strongest political parties which will be contesting in the next elections, says that “with a government chosen by fair elections, and a government which is not a puppet of the United States, Pakistan can make sure that its soil is not used for any terrorist activities”.

The problems with making of a strong government are many, the internal terrorism and the Pakistani army. The only government stronger than the army was that of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Similar kind of political disturbances are there in Afghanistan as well. There are 4 different sections of Muslims in Afghan, one of which, because of their orthodox nature is fighting against the presence of American army on their soil; the US army on the other hand is killing people from an entirely different section of people, thus forcing them to join Al-Quida among other terrorist groups.

While US troops need to leave Pakistan as soon as they can to restore political stability, they need to stay longer in Afghanistan, ensure the making of a strong government there and then leave the nation.

The road ahead seems to be difficult, because killing just the one Osama doesn’t mean that the terror group does not have anyone to fill in his shoes. But with some political stability in both the nations, we can really think of completely uprooting terrorism from the face of the earth.

Parmeet Karan Nagi