Womanhood Diaries: Shamed, Disrespected, Defamed And Assassinated

EasyDefamationOnce I was coming back from teaching my tuition, it must be post 8pm, and for all the ladies in Delhi, we know that this is a time to be avoided. But being the rebel and self-dependent I was, I decided to walk down till my apartment, as it was just 10 minutes away. I was walking, and since it was summers, I was wearing clothes that are considered to be ‘provocative’ and ‘inviting’. As I was walking, I see a car driving, somehow being able to match my speed, and this is not something new so I just glare at them once to let them know that this is unacceptable and not wanted by me. However, it was a first when one of the guys just got out of the car and comes forth to talk to me. I got quite defensive and was ready to unleash my fury. His question stumbled me, he didn’t ask my name, he didn’t offer a lift, and neither did he flirt with me, he asked me one simple question- how much will you charge for a night?

I was quite dignified in my reply that I don’t indulge in such transactions, for my part, I know I didn’t take offence in it, or felt lowly, because I don’t think getting indulged into sexual transaction (with consent) is disrespectful. However, what stumbled me was how I was judged and assumed to be one because of what I was wearing? Since when did my clothes, my bodies or my actions screamed for my character?

I have always been engrossed in my own thoughts and further fuel my fantasy lands timely, I didn’t realize that amidst all these lala thoughts, I might be unleashed to some harsh truths about our society. Of how women, in general, are just slut-shamed, rebuked and disrespected for their characters.

I am sure, at least at one point of our lives all of us must have been assassinated- on the basis of our working hours, our relationships, our clothes, our conversations or our partying. Smoking a cigarette and drinking whiskey while wearing a LBD, is nothing but disrespectful and screams asking-for-it all over the naked skin. Indulging in a conversation with a guy, and not allowing him to kiss you labels you as a cock-tease. How can you not want to kiss a guy when you have been talking to him for a while? Obviously, talking is the next flirting.

Slut shaming is common for a woman, who dared to befriend guys, yes in plural; who indulges in casual sex forfeiting any emotional wants; who dares to do what is unacceptable to the society, and the one who just makes choices based on her likeness. Slut-shaming is a phenomena, something we have grown used to and something everyone indulges into.

Do we have no choice to whether to have sex with someone or not? Does sex implicate different things for different genders? When did sex actually became an act that can be ridiculed or judged if followed by women?

These slut-shaming tactics are often used when women take atrocities against them to courts. Defaming them, and judging their past and character is a game, which is inhumanly indulged by lawyers. After all, sensitivity has no place in courts and character assassination is the only way to win the case. Everything is fair in love and war, isn’t it?

A new movie helmed under Shoorjit Sircar, and directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhary, question the insensitivity with which the victim is somehow blamed for the fate they had to endure. Pink’s trailer reflects on the dubious morals of today’s times and the easy defamation and assassination of one’s character.

Starring Amitabh Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari, Andrea Tariang and Angad Bedi, the film appears to focus on how India’s legal system deals with sexual violence, the insensitivity, the questions, the remarks and the inappropriate insinuations. The move releases in the month of September.

Will the justice be served in the movie, or will we be served with reality that actually happens in Bollywood’s happy endings?

Yugansha Malhotra

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