Women – Puppets or Puppeteers?

The 21st century woman redefines her limits and emerges to claim traditional male space as her own, juggling multiple roles to excel at a level that would have been perceived as impossible, a generation ago.

A woman today is enigmatic and engrossing, a diva of absolute power but still the woman today works under her male counterpart. The notion that only men can do physically demanding work is a myth. But, it is this myth, which usually discourages most of the women. Women should always try and compete with men as this will be the only remedy for this disease.

A woman is more focused and can surely do a lot better in all fields if she has the determination and the destination point in mind. But, usually this is not the case. Men dominate all decisions about women’s physical and mental well being. This has been going been on since the beginning of civilization and can be stopped only by the determined efforts of the women of the world. “Women being used as a plaything”- this practice is more prevalent in India. In a developing country such as India, women are only seen as “life givers” and no importance is attached to them. The brunt of human violation is borne by the women folk of the subcontinent. The social and religious discrimination hangs over them in every walk of life. Despite advances in technology, modernization and industrialization, the attitude of women is rooted in tradition. Tradition should be followed to some extent, but when it serves as a barrier in the path of success, it should not be taken to. Sadly this is a concept, which the women of India fail to realize. They fail to perceive the strength they have and give in to unscrupulous men, who like leeches, take advantage of the hapless women, suck up their power and rise to the topmost peak of success.

Women are surely better furnished than men with the essential requisites of skilful and successful practice. With the equality of experience and general faculties, a woman usually sees much more than a man, of what is immediately before her. A woman if she wants can do what she wants, in fact, the human brain is such that once programmed into it, a task is surely done, but women fail to realize this. Some women over the years have shown to the world that they too can achieve. Kalpana Chawla,the first Indian woman into space, Indira Gandhi, the first woman Prime Minister of India, Bachendri Pal, the first woman to climb Mount Everest are few such examples.

From corporate warriors to sharp politicians, the mistresses of crisis show why the future is safe in their hands. In board rooms and in court rooms, on screen and in society women have learnt to enjoy being million dollar babies.

Seeing in terms of education, women have the capacity to learn and study as much as men. There is no profession today, as such, which only men can do. Be it driving a taxi, being a pilot or running a shop, they can do it all. But still it is that thought that men can do and succeed in everything, that makes the women of today work under the man. Even today, the Indian catholic woman cannot ask and fight for divorce, but has to suffer the agony.

In this age of globalization and industrialization, women are still looked at as a source of entertainment. The orthodox parents feel it a burden to have a girl child. It took 60 years after independence for India to have a woman President. According to the Indian statistics, every year 25 lakh women graduate as doctors, which is 50% of the total students appearing, 21% graduate as software professionals, 50% as bachelors in humanities and 20% in Science and Engineering. These figures show that women are at par with men. But, it is only psychologically that people are used to the idea of men being superior to women. Be it in the field of politics, sports, media, and astronomy or struggling for survival, women do better than men.” A man is seen as the head of the family as he earns the bread for the family while the woman tends to the needs of the household”, this was the case in the 1960-90’s. But now, we have women working in almost every house, so why not give them equal importance?

A woman is the driving force in the family. She plays the role of a sister, mother, wife, and daughter. She is the one who adjusts and bends before the demands of the family and tries to fulfil them. So, why is such injustice meted out to her?

But, to some extent it can be said that a woman is seen in a wider perspective. Women have always been on the fault lines of history and swallowed by posterity like the mythical Sita.

At the workplace, a woman should stand up to her ideals and not tolerate any nonsense from her male counterparts. This will be the best medicine to the problem.

The sex ratio in India is 933 females to 1000 males. The main reason for this being instant killing of the newborn girl child.

“Women today should leap across the gender divide and take challenges willingly”, says Arundhati Roy, writer and activist. If they want they can easily stand up to men and get the job done. Consistency, focus and commitment are what it takes to succeed. A woman has always had to bear the brunt of Sati, child marriage and purdah.Though these social evils have long been abolished, it is still practiced in some communities and tribes. Women are the idols of attitude, aggression and ambition.

Earlier acting and engineering were seen as the professions apt for a man only, but today we see young girls aspiring to be just that. So, even though “women are the playthings of their male counterparts”, they can surely stand up against this oppression and can be redefined as women are at par with their male counterparts.

This theory is correct and I strongly agree with this, but with the present situation of the world in mind, I can also say that to some extent women are having the same rights as men and also fighting for them. In the days before independence, military officers and policemen would be men, but now we can see lady police officers at every nook and corner. Kiran Bedi, the first Indian lady IPS officer is known all over the world for her dealings with dangerous criminals and the gentle way in which she corrected and resurrected them. Thanks to the governments of various countries, education for the girl child has been made mandatory, which will have its favourable effects at the turn of this century. Reservation of seats for women is also seen in many institutions, but this practice should be discontinued as soon as the country is fully developed, as I believe that giving special facilities to women will make them all the more dependent and serve as an obstacle for them to touch the stars. This will eventually again lead to them being in the hands of their male colleagues.

Thus, it is only the focus, determination and confidence of the fairer sex, which will lead to a change in this saying.

Madhavi Katre


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