Women and their Workplace, Wrongly Matched?

Having worked at various levels of management and association with various organisations and headed various teams; in my opinion, I do not see having a girl – young lady- women – or a lady as team member( at any stage of life she might be) shirking her work! Its been a honor and pleasure working with them.

Saying that firm isn’t taking her seriously just because she’s a woman is just an excuse or list of excuses or even pretext of denying them their due!

Irrespective of who makes the final call ; decision in company needs be reminded about their mum ,sisters and if married about wife. One must treat the other person the way he wishes to be treated .

“Respects is not demanded but commanded”.

Fainting, vocal out-bust,tear out-bust etc is a display of emotion anxiety to loneliness to emotional vacuum .

If a man talks with a high pitch its accepted but if its been expressed by a lady, its questioned!

Any team/organisation/firm not taking a girl serious just goes to show the seriousness to human values ; if they can’t treat a girl respectfully they can’t expect a women to give her 100% to the task in hand.

The firm/organisation/team need to be reminded “time and tide wait for none” in life roles and responsibility change with time hence on needs to respect and admire the beauty of ” Indian marriage” which globally has its fan following and is admired but within our backyard its questioned just because its a female employee .

Maternity leave or the arrival of bundle of joy shouldn’t be viewed as a hindrance in 21st century in other words in “I” times. Today the technology bridges the gap and various tools can be employed to fill the gap/vacuum.

Men must remember “grass is always greener on the other-side ” time has come for discrimination to become extinct and become obsolescent while the “Gen-X” takes the center stage.

Attitude change is the need of the hour .

If you respect a girl you are a good boy.
If you respect a lady you are gentleman.
If you respect a women you are a man.

A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been raised in the arms of a queen.” – Wiz Khalifa

The following thought ; which all of us know of but is in our subconscious mind

“I will give you a talisman. Whenever you are in doubt, or when the self becomes too much with you, apply the following test. Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man [woman] whom you may have seen, and ask yourself, if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him [her]. Will he [she] gain anything by it? Will it restore him [her] to a control over his [her] own life and destiny? In other words, will it lead to swaraj [freedom] for the hungry and spiritually starving millions?
Then you will find your doubts and your self melt away.”
– One of the last notes left behind by Gandhi in 1948, expressing his deepest social thought.
Source: Mahatma Gandhi [Last Phase, Vol. II (1958), P. 65]

“The art of being yourself at your best is the art of unfolding your personality into the person you want to be …. Be gentle with yourself , learn to love yourself, to forgive yourself, for only as we have the right attitude towards ourselves can we have right attitude towards others” – Wilfred Arlan Peterson

Today globally interview process and staffing is also becoming a part of company branding – ethos hopefully in few years if not months changes are adopted .

Dhananjay Sharma