Women Bashing…on Television!

Like all “normal” human beings, I too like watching television. About three-fourth of my day is spent in working and traveling and therefore, I don’t have the luxury of watching television 24*7. It is but obvious that when I do switch on the television, I hope to find something decent to watch. Just yesterday I was flipping channels, when I suddenly paused on this particular or rather popular music channel. They were showing some programme that vaguely looked interesting, so I decided to watch it.

As the show unfolded, the urge to throw something at my television started building up with a vengeance. I will not take names, but most of the readers will definitely know what I am talking about.

The theme of the show is twenty girls having to compete amongst each other to win the love of two boys. So, there were these twenty women standing in a row, looking so excited that it was almost nauseous. When the anchor told them that they were about to meet the two boys, all of them squealed so loudly that it was almost like they were meeting some celebrity. The moment the two men *cough cough* entered, I almost fell of the bed. My reaction: “These are the two men that these twenty girls are supposed to be fighting over? Have these women donated their brains or something?”. I was almost about to switch the channel, when I decided to go through with it, just to see how bizarre the show could get.

Let me give a few examples. One of the guys gets talking. He says, “Welcome ladies! You are here to compete amongst each other, to win our attention and love. If we don’t like you, we will dump you.” Dump? Could he have used a more derogatory word? I definitely don’t think so. The madness was still not over. Apparently, these featherheads (yes, that is exactly what I would call them) had to dress up and look all pretty for some party, because, first impression is the last impression, right? The show had just begun, but the back-biting didn’t take too long to start. Already the featherheads had started calling each other names (words that cannot be mentioned here for obvious reasons).

The party can only be described in one word: psychotic. Some of the women were dancing, solely for the camera. One of them was this particular lady who was dressed as a belly dancer. Belly dancer? Is this some kind of fancy dress competition? The next day, some of the featherheads went on a date with the two freaks (yes, I refuse to call them guys or any other word that associates them with the male gender). On the command (not even a request) of one of the freaks, this girl agrees to start dancing on the table. The dance was packed with everything that can make modest people (like me) blush. So we had pelvic thrusts, hip gyration et al. In short, every attempt was made to copy Jennifer Lopez or Shakira.

I am not a feminist, but I can never approve of such shows. According to me, these shows send out the wrong message from the word go. The fact that you are showing twenty women at the mercy of two men doesn’t do much for the status of the female gender. As it is, we live in a society that finds it so difficult to treat women at par with men. Here we have a popular music channel sending out the wrong signals to the youth. We can’t even blame the society that treats a woman like a commodity, when we have television showcasing such programs. I am not a party pooper and hence I have a solution to this problem. Why don’t we have the same show, except the roles get reversed? We can have twenty men vying for the attention of two women. So they are the ones who have to dress up, fight with each other and conspire to win their love. Wouldn’t that be nice ladies?

Anam Mittra

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