Wonders Of The World: Now Join The Twitterati


Have you heard about these new Twitter Celebrities? They have existed for several centuries and now they have taken to Twitter! We are talking about The Taj Mahal, India and The Eiffel Tower, France!

The crazy phenomena of the world of social media is known to all. We humans practically exist and depend on social media. Be it personal, professional, social media seems to handle it all. What else does it handle? Tourist spots and heritage sites, no not just their information and tickets and mediocre stuff like that! It handles theirown profiles which makes these come alive!

However, even before this marvel from Paris joined the Twitter league, our 16th century Sangemarmar beauty was already on twitter, settled and waving a Hello! to the Eiffel Tower!

What we loved the most about these handles is the marketing strategy of the tourism department and the respective governments. Twitter is the rage of the present times. Everyone has access to twitter. Everyone loves twitter, and from the looks of it, people are totally admiring these Twitter entrants!

This is quite the creative method to multiply the popularity of these wonders of the world.

Also its a new way for people to express their fondness about these sites in a more refined way.

Not just fondness, but tourists can also put forth their ideas with which these sites can be preserved and maintained better. Creating a social media presence of these wonders of the world is definitely an idea that wins our hearts.

We should give some due credit to the advent of social media as well. It has worked wonders. Surely, people were always aware of the existence of these monuments. Now they can get updates and news feeds about events related to these!

People are seen sharing their favorite memories and moments on the respective Twitter blogs related to these monuments. What a great way to look into how emotionally attached people are to these.

All in all, we love the ideas of these wonderful Twitter handles!

Aamina Rahim

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