Word Of Caution: This Is Not For The Weak-Hearted

Internet Horror

Besides being the unfathomable ocean of knowledge, this ingenious piece of thing is post-modern era’s gift to mankind. This interlinked web of ideas and data, or as we commonly call it the “internet” is so vast, it can transport you to oblivion and back. So much so that you reach a point when you are not sure if you are consuming the internet or the latter is overriding you.

For those like me, who are absolutely in love with the supernatural can find an estuary to conduit their fear. All you need is the correct address and unalloyed fright will be delivered to your screens. Here are a few such places where you can enjoy the freak show:

  1. Creepypasta:


This is the encyclopedia for horror maniacs. If you want to gorge on a good horror story, you must visit this website: www.creepypasta.com. Creepypasta is a community where aficionadas of the uncanny can find solace; or shall we say lose it? The site receives stories from contributors, which are wonderful reads. This site teaches you that even fear has genres. There are stories on plain lunacy, and then there are those about freaks. There are stories on home invasions and weird neighbourhoods, and also about aliens and demons. Trust this site to never disappoint you. And if you are confused about where to start, just ask it to take you to a random “pasta” and knock yourself out. Read it at night, just for the thrill of it. Oh, and did I mention? Some of the accounts are true.

  1. Creepy Catalog:


Thought Catalog has a section on its web page called the “Creepy Catalog” which has enough meat to keep you awake at night (or in the day). Its stories are bound to leave an unsettling effect on you. Most of them are relatable and talk about misadventures and insanity. The stories are not very long and keep you glued till the end. They play with your mind and hog on your fear. Delve into the world of horror and let your pulse racing.

  1. Webtoons


Can web cartoons scare you? Yes, and they can scar you as well. I recently stumbled upon this website www.webtoon.com (do not remember how), and have been recommending it to friends since. It is a profound ocean of tales belonging to different genres that makes a reader like me, awfully happy. The principal reason I would want every horror buff to check this out, is that the stories are animated tales that take you on a journey. You are not only reading the comic, but also watching and listening to it. Visit the website and select thriller from the genres. Choose “Chiller” from the subsets and immerse yourself in the surreal world of jump-scares. Do not forget to turn the volume up after plugging in your earphones.

Happy reading, fellas!

Prerna Mittra

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