Words Worth

“A word is not the same for one writer as it is with another. One tears it from his guts. The other pulls it out of his overcoat pocket.” Aptly said by William Wordsworth. I, however, am not discussing about the famous writer and poet Wordsworth here. Rather, the undeniable value of words in our lives. It is believed that God created this world by words and still upholds it by a few incantations beneath his breath. Since time immemorial, words and the manner in which they are spoken have always played an important role in our lives. From Vedic times till date, priests and yogis chant hymns and prayers, perform yagnas, and their word holds the power to change the laws of nature. In ancient times during wars, kings would win huge battles by speaking words of encouragement to their battered armies. Did Mother Sita not pry open the earth’s surface by a few words of prayer? Did Jesus not revive the dead spirits by just praying for them? Let alone the Gods, did Surdaas not free a leper of his diseases by just uttering the name of god in his ear? Or did tansen’s music not have the power to bring down fire and rain from the heavens to the earth? All these examples are proof enough to show the lexical influence upon our lives.

It is amazing isn’t it that how a single word of praise can put a smile on anybody’s lips, or a single word of love can make a girl blush, and how words can make you cry when you are least willing to, or how one wrong word can get you all worked up and angry. An actor’s words can have us spellbound in no time whereas a politician’s speech can gather a mob in a jiffy. Words have such great power upon us that we might have to bend our will in compliance with the words once spoken. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Quoted in (Proverbs 18:21). A few simple words can have such influence over our spirits that they can change the course of our lives forever. By the very own words that we speak, we could cleanse our spirit and being and lead a holy life, but by using filthy words we could lead a life no better than a dead end. And these are not just words this time. The effect of words on our lives, even the food we eat, has been proved scientifically by Mr. Emoto Masaru in his water crystal experiments. With his efforts, we today have factual evidence that thoughts, words, ideas and music do affect the molecular structure of water and everything around us. Every particle and every cell of us and our surroundings are susceptible to the very words we speak. Like in the water crystal experiment, pure and loving words when spoken over water, gave pristine crystals upon freezing. While there were random and distorted crystals as a result of bad and filthy words. Are these crystals also not a symbol of the human being we might be from within? The words we speak also reflect themselves on our souls.

We can make or mar our lives just by the choice of our words. Whether we bless or curse somebody, whether we love or hate somebody, whether we encourage or discourage, these have a direct impact on ourselves and those who surround us. It is the word of love that gives us the strength to bear hatred. It is the word of joy that lightens up our disheartened spirits. It is the word of encouragement that gives us the power to bear the hardest times in life. Do not underestimate yourself or the power of your words. Every human being has the potential to accomplish anything, we just have to accept that potential and believe in ourselves. Every person is a warrior whose thoughts act as his armor, whose will acts as his strength and whose words act as his sword. And it is up to us how we would fight the battle of life, whether we would win by using apt words or whether we would lose. As they say that every good deed spawns a good deed. So do the good words. Every good word brings forth a fruit that sweetens our life ahead. You just have to choose them wisely, and you can see the changes in your life are eminent. After all it is all for the better or the verse….!!

Rachayeta Singla