Workout At Home- The 4 Ps You Should Be Doing


Time – the one element we wish we had more of. Unfortunately we don’t. Not everyone likes going to the gym and working out. Given everyone’s busy schedule, working out at home can be a great alternative for people who complain that they don’t have the time to hit the gym. All Workouts must be short and intense.. Now you don’t really have an excuse to skip workout. Do you?

These are the home exercises that you need to be doing on a regular basis:

  • Pull-ups: Using your own body weight lets you control the degree of pressure you can apply for each set. This compound exercise works your back, shoulders and arms simultaneously. All you need is a regular bar, that you can attach anywhere in your home. While doing pull-ups, make sure you don’t swing your body and keep it straight at all times. The pull up is an excellent workout to build your upper body strength.
  • Pushups: It’s time to get back to the basics of the game. Pushups will help you define your chest, shoulders, triceps and abdominals. Most people get this basic exercise wrong. The objective of this exercise is to provide tension to every workable muscle. This means it must be done slowly and with the right posture. Lower your chest slowly towards the ground and bring it back up with one explosive push. Make sure you keep your head facing forward at all times.
  • Planks: This must be your go to exercise if you wish to strengthen your core muscles in the stomach. It’s really hard to fathom that this exercise could actually help you build biscuits on your stomach. Whether you play a sport or lift heavy weights, planks ensure that your lower back is in great shape which is of paramount importance. Don’t be fooled by this stationery exercise. Most people can’t even last 40 seconds in their first attempt.
  • Power Squats: Your upper body won’t exist without your legs. You might have noticed a lot of bodybuilders who have an amazing upper body but this is overshadowed by their chicken legs. Squats effectively work out your gluts and hamstring muscles. More importantly it also fuels the release of growth hormones which will help you boost your metabolism and retain your body structure.

Although this is not a comprehensive list, these four exercises must be at the top of your exercise program.

Mastering the four Ps will be easier than you think. Just make sure you are consistently increasing the number of repetitions as you progress each week. Good luck!

Somesh Chandran

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