World’s Worst Terror Attacks!

  • 9/11, the World Trade Center Attacks coordinated by Al-Qaeda on America on September11, 2001! This Event triggered many changes in the World, especially the waay the United states of America dealt with the problem of terrorism!
  • The attack on the Alfred P.Murrah Federal building was orchestrated on April 19, 1995 in downtown Oklahoma City! It was the most deadly attacks on American soil until 9/11 struck! It claimed 168 lives and injured more than 680 people!
    • The 26/11 attacks on Mumbai is by far the bloodiest attacks on Indian soil! Although the Country is attacked on daily basis, but the scale and quantum of this attack was undaunted to the human eyes! The terrorists selectively attacked tourists and citizens! Its among the most devastating events in the Indian History!
  • The attack on the Wall Street claimed 38 lives and around 150 people were seriously injured! It took place in 1920 in the Financial District New York City of This deadly incident claimed 38 lives and the figure for those who were seriously injured in this terrorist attack swelled up to 143.
  • 1993, World Trade Center Bombing was a part of a huge plan of bombing the entire city of New York! Huge reserves of explosives were discovered too