World A Village

Various countries in the world have opened up their gates for the development of their respective economies. Globalization has hit the world all over as we see the stock markets and global markets waver in a nick of time. Globalization, in the literal sense,is the process of globalizing, transformation of things or phenomena pertaining to specific countries into global issues.

It can be described as a process by which the people of the world are unified into a single society and function together. This process is a combination of economic, technological, socio cultural and political forces.

One aspect of globalization has been unifying the market standards and living habits throughout the world. Globalization has lead to intermixing of culture and we see a uniform culture which may be defined as “internationalism” spread everywhere. Globalization has brought many changes in all the areas of development and human behavior, and with it, it has brought a unifying sense of being global rather then being constrained to your own cultural boundaries. The increase in the number of multinational companies has lead to a common platform where people of different nationalities collectively follow a common goal. Globalization has had a far reaching effect on the minds of the youth who have been in a deplorable condition due to rampant unemployment in most countries. With opening up of new ventures in other countries and efforts towards making lives better, globalization has a negative side also.

Globalization has led to a situation in which there is an endless scope for inter-cultural conflicts and this is exactly what is happening in the Middle-East countries with their inability to catch up with the changing world. All these countries are facing deep rifts with other developing countries. But the picture is not so perfect as well in those countries which have embraced globalization and have let their culture wash away with the globalization wave. Culture is used to differentiate one group from other and every culture has some unique positive values that need to be preserved. Internationalism doesn’t mean that we throw away our moral and cultural values just to appear modern. Globalization breeds competition between nationals and when a race starts to get ahead, we see only tactics and shrewdness prevail and moral values take a back seat. I believe, the youth has an immature mind while deciding what things to imbibe and what to prune from the other cultures. It gets tough because mind can never make a strict demarcation and, as a result, all that we get are immoral values from other cultures because they appear very tempting to the mind.

Globalization has lead to a situation in which everyone is striving to win in any possible condition. We see a lot of unsatisfied people with crippled thinking because of this competition. Failures breed discontent and lead to higher crime rates. Outsourcing leads to brewing of discontent as what we see in US and other developed European countries when their own jobs are being taken by others. Globalization poses a grave threat to every religion as it promotes dour materialism fervid fanaticism and erosion of human values. All these have lead to the humanity downslide and are opposed by every practiced religion. People are attracted to mammoth meetings where they are offered sensational and emotional satisfaction rather than any real change of heart. The modern missionaries link belief with prosperity. Riches are taken as the sign of God’s blessing, and poverty and sufferings as the result of his curse. This is in accordance with the pragmatic approach of globalization in which a thing has value only if it has any utility.

Globalization has lead to a situation where a world is being ruled by multinational giants rather than governments and these multinationals are increasingly becoming difficult to handle because of their brute force. These MNCs are a big source of breeding discontent because they are concentrated mostly in the US and so affect the American economy on the cost of other country’s human resources and have the power to bring any country on their knees if they fail to comply with their norms.

The war between the good and evil of Globalization is here to stay, but at the end, the most important possession that we are robbed off is a cup of coffee with our “real” friends. And some priceless leisure time to get the grip of ourselves, moving too fast in this world traffic.

Ajeet Shekhawat

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