World Environment Day: 5 Things You Can Do To Save The Environment


It’s World Environment Day and while we all know that we should turn off the lights when leaving the room or turn off the water when we’re brushing, here are some other thing you could do to save the environment. From the everyday bits to getting involved n programs, here are five steps that we all should get a handle on.

Step 1: Get Environment Friendly Appliances


Whether they’re air conditioners or light bulbs, this year, try and make your home more environment-friendly. Lots of companies make energy efficient home appliances and if you want to do your bit, you could get your hands on these. From kitchen appliances to bedroom appliances, everything in your home could be safer, more efficient and less harmful to the environment.

Better yet, if you’re planning on renovating your whole house, then get your hands on architectural and interior designing firms that specialize in construction greener homes. From materials to paint, they have natural and green solutions that make your house look just as breathtaking if not more.

Step 2: Get Knee Deep In Compost


Remember those biology classes in school where we all learnt the benefits of using kitchen waste. So this year put all that good old knowledge to good use. Instead of throwing out all that kitchen waste and other biodegradable waste from your house, make a little compost pit in your garden. Section off a little piece of your garden and keep making compost. If you’re new at this then you can take Google’s help to learn how to make compost. And while you’re at it, grow some fruits and vegetables as well; there’s nothing like home grown produce. It’s two birds with one stone!

Step 3: Get Involved In A Community Initiative


Do you have an empty plot in your lane that looks like a dump? Instead of cribbing about it start a community initiative and turn that dump into a pretty little kids park. Get the people from your lane to contribute on weekends and transform that plot into a garden, together. You can even start other community initiatives like installing dustbins in your lane and agreeing to switch off the lights of all the houses for an hour everyday. Gather everyone, be creative and you’ll come up with many interesting ways to make your locality more environment friendly.

Step 4: Give Your Car The Day Off


Yes we live in India, and yes its very hot, but start by assigning one day of the week when you won’t use your car. Enroll your kids in a carpool so that your car gets the occasional day off and try and walk it to nearby places. If you live in Delhi, like I do, then the Metro is a great option. Its air conditioned, well connected and a great substitute to driving your car around all day. Think about it, one day isn’t too much to ask for. Try it and you may just like it.

Step 5: Enroll In A Project


There are tons of people doing things to save the environment. Whether it’s an organization that’s trying to save the tiger or one that’s trying to clean the Yamuna, enroll yourself in a project on the weekends. You don’t need to spend entire Sundays trying to save the earth but even a couple of hours will go a long way. It’s about giving back to the community and it’s a great family activity. Get your kids and your spouse to join in with you and you’ll start enjoying being part of such initiatives.

So this World Environment Day, be sure to do your small bit, but try and become a part of something bigger as well. Twenty years later when you’ll still be able to take your grandkids to the lake that you took your kids to, it’ll all be worth it.

Aishwarya Dravid

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