World, Wealth and Women

Women are weaker sex. But that’s only physically. Mentally and emotionally they are way too stronger than men. In fact, today’s women are more deceptive (well, I don’t mean to let down my sex. But this is the fact and there can be no denying it).


Since time immemorial there have been women who had things their way and not the way men wanted things to be. In the ancient age when females were considered subservient to male, Cleopatra, branded as the Queen of Kings, with her uncanny and charming style ruled Egypt. Wrapped in a Persian carpet, she gifted herself to Julius Caesar and that exotic approach appealed Caesar to restore Cleopatra to the throne of Egypt. Such was her power and enigma that whoever met her would succumb to her wills.


Another powerful lady who lived her life at her discretion was Jacqueline Kennedy ‘Onassis’. She was so strong headed that nothing and no one could dissuade her from achieving what she wished for, not even the President – John F. Kennedy, and her sister – Lee- from whom Jackie is supposed to have snatched her beloved, Onassis. Jackie was a spendthrift and the sole reason of her relations with different men was ‘money’. From being the first lady of the United States to the wife of a millionaire to an independent woman, she gave the first priority to herself and most importantly went ahead in life with no regrets and remorse for whatever she did.


Marilyn Monroe, who continues to remain a glamour icon even today, used her beauty and body as an asset to earn fame; however she could not find solace. Her suicide decision clearly reinforces the aforementioned. From being a regular girl to taking shelter in orphanages to being the glam diva, Marilyn succeeded in attracting popularity which she always craved for.


There have been and are many more steadfast women who made world kneel before them. However, what remains debatable is the force they used to reach their destination. Or is it that ‘beauty and body’ are the only strengths for a woman to survive? We brag that we have reached an era where men and women are equal, but except in the field of academics, women are always expected to use their physical attractiveness to get an entry. What is vile is that the society realizes the ugliness of such acts, but continues to remain unchanged.


Like Marilyn Monroe once said “in Hollywood a girl’s virtue is much less than her hairdo… You are judged by how you look and not by what you are”. Perhaps, the world is no different than Hollywood. And, women are no different than Hollywood actresses who cater to what the world orders for.


Suhani Dewra



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