World is a Marketplace

sale1.jpgThere is a Yoruba saying- ‘World is a marketplace, heaven is home’.

While reading this quote in one of my construction management books, I was completely overtaken by the phenomenon of market. I always find myself fascinated by the term ‘market’. Its mechanisms, laws, fundamentals and behaviors had often left me unarmed. I think quite often about how one can know what the other one wants. Puzzled, aren’t you?!

This market phenomenon gets further exaggerated when one hears of something like ‘human trafficking’. It is a term used to denote the black market in which humans are traded like commodities. Large, wild, delicate and beautiful –these are some of the varieties that are found in the menu of human trafficking business. Most countries have made it illegal to trade humans, but like most other so-called illegal businesses, human trafficking is still flourishing and that too mostly in and for the ‘civilized’, developed world. The chota item (children), accounts for the larger pie of the dark cake, because they are recognized as the long-term investment in the market of humans.

This illegal, unspoken human trafficking is done below the eye lines of media and security agencies. However nowadays, this human trade has taken a highly glamorized form. You and I, and the rest, all know about it but will never recognize it as that. Furthermore, whenever this modern human trafficking is done, it finds great applause from all- the first person-the traded one, the second person-the trader, and the third person – you and me. Shocked?!

Let me elaborate by taking example of the latest and hottest trade. This buyout was done under the broker’s name of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the traders were quite a lot in numbers. They included celebrities, businessmen and some unrevealed politicians! Are you wondering about who were traded here? Well, no marks for guessing this;, they were the modern Greek gods of our country. The ones who are seen the most, the ones who are talked about the most. They are the people who make you laugh and cry. Yes, they are the Mahi and company!

When today I switched to a certain news channel, I saw one horrifying news update flashing at the bottom of my TV screen shouting –”Dhoni is bought at USD 15, 00,000“. My first thought was of Deepika Padukone having possibly bought him for that amount. But then, I realized that she is an intelligent woman and hence she would not buy Dhoni for such a high price. Especially when I am available free of cost. And I was proven right when the news channel aired Mr. Lalit Modi informing us that the first round of auction of players with base price of USD 5,00,000 for IPL was over.

Friends, the basic emphasis is that be it trafficking or auction of our gods, it is done for the same interests. The cream of the story is that all the gods had given their approval for their own trade, in written! The whole day, the ‘fastest’ news channels kept on barking ‘cricketers are bought, cricketers are bought’ and cricketers were evidently quite happy that they were bought at a higher MRP (USD 2.5 lakh being the minimum retail price!) than another player.

I guess this illustration is fair enough to prove that the world is a marketplace and humans are no exceptions to this market!

Saurabh sharma

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