Worst Places to be a Woman In!

Women continue to have the status of a second-class citizen! There are many places in the world, which are amongst the worst of places to live in as a woman! The following list contains the countries which are most unfit for women survival!

  • Haiti: It is he worst place in America foe women! The representation of women in Haiti is depressing to say the least! It is a meager 5% and so is the female to male ratio (52:100)! The female literacy rate is as low as 57%! In slums like Port-au-Prince, organized gang rape is a credible reality for many women! NGOs believe that the Government does not take the problems seriously! In fact rape wasn’t even classified as a criminal offense until 2005!


  • Yemen: It is the worst place in the Middle East for women! The representation of women is around 1% in the Legislative Assemblies! There is a paltry number of 35 women in every 100 men in Yemen and their literacy rate too is as low s 35%! Early marriage in commonplace in Yemen! Women are married off when they are as young as 12 years old! One in every 39 women die during pregnancy and 1 in every 10 children does reach his 5th birthday!

  • Sierra Leone: It is the third worst place over all and the worst in Africa! This place has the worst gender ratio in the world according to the UN Gender index report! One in every 8 women dies during pregnancy or childbirth. They have an abysmal life expectancy of just 45 years! The expected age till which girls can receive formal education is 6 years!

  • Nepal: Nepal happens to be the worst place for women in South Asia! Women are generally married off at a tender age of 16! The average expectancy of life too is very low! 1 child in every 5 births dies the minute they are born! The literacy rate in Nepal for women is an abysmal 35%!

  • Moldova: Moldova is the worst city for women in Europe! The female literacy although is 99%, it gives representation to just 22% in the Parliament! It is a major source for women trafficked into prostitution! Most of the Government officials are complicit with the problems of women trafficking!