Would the Earth come to an end in 2012?

There has been enough conjecture on the fact that the Earth is nearing its end. Astrologers all over the Globe have foreseen the calamity however very few have actually dared to call it the final jolt! The following have been the astrological reasons and consequences as to how the Earth may just collapse!

  • Apparently, there are lots of worlds in this Universe and our Earth happens to be just one of them. The planet Earth comprises of everything, Mountains, valleys, Rivers, oceans and the Humans living in it. Everything on the Earth is considered to be one entity. Thus every being is important and every being would be affected equally as everyone else!
  • Many others conjecture that just as every living entity on Earth comes across a lean phase in life, similarly, the Earth is nearing the worst phase of its history. This phase could go either way. Although the Gods are still strong enough to bail the Earth out of this disaster, one dosent know if we would open our eyes in this Earth or some other somewhere else!
  • Neither Oceans, nor Mountains are slated to be at rest this year. They would be highly threatened and on the verge of a Natural Calamity literally every time! India however, suggests an Astrologer, would remain unaffected till the end!
  • All species are made from one being; hence the destruction of one would imply the disintegration of the entire Foundation! Is the Foundation nearing its ultimate breath? The Astrologers are still figuring still!
  • The final soothsaying is that the enkindled soul that ruminates in every being is going to go back to its very source. The Creator of all life! With the generation of that, the life is on the verge of being pumped out of every creature!

Let us hope to live a life of utmost fulfillment so that even if the Earth were to be destroyed tomorrow, we would have had great experiences to go back to! Ultimately it is all conjecture.