Writer’s Bloc and About a trapped poem

Every writer in this world has faced this in his life time at least for once. When he finds himself at a loss of words. When he thinks his creativity has drained out of his veins. He has a deadline to meet but he is word-less, thought-less. His dreams are without any shape and without any story. His muse seems to fail him as he is unable to write.

I am undergoing the same feeling now. When I received a mail stating that I have been given a column in a ‘youth paper’, since then this has stuck me. I have opened my blog site 7 times since that mail. Made 19 drafts.  But of no use. This ‘youth’ word has been stacked deep in the bottom layers of my mind. This question boils up all the time- What youth wants?  When you have seen 27 springs of your life, then you never notice when your self confidence has drape away that you can speak something which can cast a spell on the youth.

But I started my battle with a promise to myself that I will break this oyster with my swords. When you grow older, you develop this tendency to preach young about something, which you deem indispensible. So I succumbed to it, my first draft was titled -“Networking for youth”. What the hell man??? It would have been justified if I would have been writing this article as a part of my MBA assignment but clearly it’s not. Then I thought I should write about philosophy. But there was no dry powder in my depository sitting idle to be spread upon the youth.

A thought about amalgamation of two of my most favorite subjects flashed into my mind, when I was in auto to my way back home. During my undergraduate years, I had loved physics and during post-graduation, I was in love with economics. Today in office, I discussed it with few of my friends and they had the same inclination towards both the subjects. What is the thing which binds both the subjects? What is the common denominator? And before coming out of the auto, I could figure out that the importance attached to the “cause and effect phenomenon” in both the subjects is the common denominator, which binds both from beneath. So I lost another topic of a potential deliberation and hence an article on this theme was aborted shortly.

Drafting and deleting made me restless, so I discussed this with Nupur (my beloved). She is not quite into literature but she wants me to be the next ChetanBhagat. Adding to my woes, she complains-“You are no more romantic. You haven’t written a poem about me since last month also.” I promised her I am going to write a poem on her soon. Now I remember a small but beautiful poetry by Gulzar (one of my muses) who must have written this under similar conditions as mine.

A poem is trapped inside me.

Metaphors catch at my lips,

words hover like butterflies

never settling on paper.

I have sat for hours writing

your name on a blank page.

Only your name is beautiful.

What other poem can excel it?

My take on this poem: As first stanza hints, Gulzar  was undergoing Writer’s block and he has explained its symptoms, but in the second stanza, he makes a superb comeback and wins the heart of his beloved by saying that My love, to me your name is the most beautiful and the very best verse that I can possibly write. And so whenever I sit down to write something I can’t go beyond putting down your name on a blank sheet. What a classic excuse… May be… or an excellently written genuine praise…you never know…

-Amitabh Vatsya