Writer’s Block

What is writer’s block? It is that ugly situation when an otherwise talented and capable writer is not able to pen down even a few decent lines. The bulb inside his head goes off and his mind is left blank, trying to find topics to write on. And even if, by mistake, he does select an appropriate topic, he has no clue as to what to put down on paper.

He stares down at the blank page wishing for some brainwave to hit him so that he could fill this stark white piece of parchment – the empty look of which he almost detests at that particular moment. But forget writing an article or anything similar, the poor writer is not even able to think of a few basic points to write! Whenever he starts to ponder over some topic, it is like his mind hits a wall, a dead end, and brings the wandering soul back home to the blank page, without any booty.

There are medicines to tackle depression and insomnia, but nothing, I repeat nothing, in this world can treat that dreaded illness called writer’s block. It is every writer’s worst nightmare! Especially if you work for a magazine or a newspaper, where your job demands written material out of you, no matter where you get it from. But alas! You are suffering from writer’s block and you don’t have a single, not even half a clue as to what to do about your lengthy assignment due the next morning – the which you have not even started! You hold your pen in your sweaty palm close to the bare sheet, and suddenly something comes to mind. Some bizarre topic, a few lines about it, and that is it. You are back to staring at your empty sheet with your head in your hands, dreading being reprimanded by your boss.

You pull your hair, bang your head against the wall but still, nothing comes out of you. That bare vastness of white still stares at you. It mocks your previously alive and kicking writing skills, which has now taken to slumber and gone into hibernation for time unknown. You drown buckets full of coffee, watch TV, talk to friends, search the newspapers for inspiration, but the only things still decorating the white expanse are coffee stains – a stark contrast to the endless strings of words you should have engraved on those pages by now.

When you are going through writer’s block, it is like being constipated. You put all your pressure to get something out of you but it just does not come out, and you have no control over it. Finally when you do manage to scrape out something, its nothing but a useless heap of crap! It happens to all of us, at some point of time or the other. We cannot escape it, cannot get out of it by downing a pill down our throats, and we cannot avoid it. We must endure it in silent agony.

Shalini Rajvanshi

[Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thorinside/676375346/]