Yash: Terror’s Victim

At the blast outside the Civil hospital in Ahmedabad, two brothers Yash and Rohan were gravely injured. Yash is a six year old who is too young to understand the terror that has hit his family. On Saturday evening, Yash’s father Dushyant Vyas had planned to teach him how to ride a bicycle.

His father, an X-ray technician at the hospital, had purchased a bicycle for him just a day ago. Yash is currently in a ward of the same Civil hospital with multiple injuries. Next to his bed lies his elder brother Rohan who is in a critical condition. Doctors are unsure whether he will survive at all. Every now and then, when Yash yelps in pain, the entire hospital seems to question as to why this young boy is there, instead of riding his bicycle as was planned. One act by the terrorists has changed it all. Dushyant Vyas’ body has just been brought home from the mortuary. The news of his father’s death has not been told to Yash yet; his mother does not have the strength to convey this to him. Yash, who currently is in excruciating pain, has lost his father and his brother, too, seems to be on his deathbed. His is one of the several families that have been devastated in the serial blasts that rocked Ahmedabad city.

Every time there are blasts in India, it is covered by the major newspapers and media channels. After a few days, the news dies away and the pain and the trauma is quickly forgotten. India has been on the terrorists’ radar for a long time with serial bomb blasts having rocked all the major cities in India. After Iraq and perhaps Afganisthan and Pakistan, India is the most terror prone zone in the world. These blasts seem to be nothing but a cowardly act of terror from a group of fundamentalists. The way I see it, the perpetrators of these blasts will have to answer and pay for their sins on judgment day.

To say that India is a soft target would not be an exaggeration. The Indian police have done nothing to catch the criminals who have been behind these blasts. In India such blasts, unfortunately, have become a norm now and the failure of the intelligence authorities becomes glaring after every attack.

Of course, we need to get over the tragedy that struck Bangalore and Ahmedabad. But, try telling this to young Yash, who would not understand why he was on the receiving end of this dastardly act. Every time there is a blast, we move on after a few days, leaving the horrifying sequence of events behind us. But the police and the intelligence authorities need to do much more than merely express shock and condemn such strikes. If the perpetrators cannot be caught, they should at least be stopped at all costs!

Shishir Srivastava

[Image Source:http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/world/images/attachement/jpg/site1/20080727/00105cadc07809f603dd02.jpg]