Yeh Hai Bollywood Meri Jaan

Bollywood is that mystical place which seems far from reality…and yet is so real. It is a place which determines the destiny of thousands of people who are a part of it. A place where new stars are created everyday, a place where new stories are unfurled and a place which turns dreams, ideas and imagination into reality.

Our movies are a reflection of our society, culture, tradition and our way of life. No matter how much we deny it, Bollywood is very much a part of our lives and has entertained us ever since this industry was established.

And this industry has come a long way from the usual song and dance routine where heroines pranced around the trees in wet sarees, and where the hero always saved the day by rescuing the damsel in distress from the villain. The Bollywood of today is not only more technically advanced but is more organized and far more intellectual.

We have seen films like Taare Zameen Par and Black which struck a chord with the audience as they highlighted the plight of differently abled children. We have seen films like Chak De! India and Rang De Basanti which dealt with an underdog’s triumph and today’s dynamic youth respectively. Films like Page 3, Chandni Bar, Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota, Company etc not only make for an excellent watch due to its entertainment factor, but they also belong to the genre of meaningful cinema which gives an insight about specific sections of the society and sometimes even forces us to think about them.

The business aspect of moviemaking has also grown in leaps and bounds with movies flaunting big budgets and even bigger pay packets. From merchandise to audio releases, every facet of a film has been commercialized with the merging of the corporate houses and the film industry. With the rise of international releases, our films have even started garnering the interest of the West which always saw Bollywood as Hollywood’s poor cousin.

Not wanting to be left behind, the new age actors have also undergone a metamorphosis and have emerged more confident, and better equipped to handle the pressures of this industry. They seem to be more career oriented and are making more of an effort in grooming themselves for their role. Kids from all sections of the society want to make a career in this industry which was not the case before, as the society looked down upon actors and the profession of acting was thought to be that which is taken up by unintelligent people. However, that myth has been broken since long with so many young ones also taking up acting, that too with the support of their family. There are more actors who first earn a degree and then enter into Bollywood.

The time for our film industry couldn’t have been better.

With the opening of multiplexes and new theatres even in the remotest of places, each individual can enjoy his/her Bollywood experience being spoilt for choices. Whether it is thriller, comedy, emotional, futuristic, intelligent or just plain old romance, Bollywood caters to one and all. So all you got to do is book your ticket for the next Fridays’ release, choose your favorite flick, forget your worries and grab a bag of popcorn to enjoy a slice of the Bollywood pie!

Abhimanyu Singh

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