Yes, I Am Working From Home And Happy About It, Thank You Very Much!

I am an online marketer working from home for the past 2 years. In India, if you tell someone that you are ‘working from home’, they are most likely to shun your profession and label you with the ‘unemployed’ tag. When you are at home, how can you possibly work? It’s a place where you sit back, relax and enjoy – right? I have seen the wary looks from relatives who are still unacquainted with the whole concept when I tell them quite proudly that I earn a monthly paycheck from home whilst working in my pyjamas. The hard, cold truth of everyday life is that you are considered to be a working professional only and if only you step out of your house on a daily basis in your formals to work hard for someone else’s benefit.

What if a particular work from home job becomes your passion? You do not need to report to any nagging managers, you can do the work you absolutely love in the comfort of your own home, and the best part is that you get paid a decent income once or sometimes even several times a month. From personal experience, I can say working from home isn’t easy as opposed to popular notion. You have to do all the work yourself, you have to motivate yourself to get the work done, and you have to keep learning. Nobody has set up a deadline for you, and you work at your own pace. If you are someone who needs constant motivation and is downright lazy, then perhaps working from home is not an option for you because in order to see fantastic results, you need to work your ass off.

How many people in a 9-5 job can proudly say that they look forward to the day’s work without counting down to the next holiday? I found a job that caters to my interests and which makes me hooked onto it as days go by but the irony is that the people around me excluding my family are not convinced unless or until they hear exactly how much I’m earning per month. Why would I blurt out my revenue figures to everyone just so to convince them? Hence, I am considered “unemployed” by people who have no clue of what I’m doing. But I guess that is okay as long as I have supportive family and friends around me who understand my passion and who are fully aware of how much happiness my work brings to me.

Most people, and I don’t just mean Indians, think online jobs are unreliable and ‘passive’ while the truth is you can very much turn it into your active income stream by hard work and dedication. It requires a lot of work because you are starting from scratch and you have to fail several times before you finally find a technique that works for you. In the beginning, I was just given a compassionate look whenever I mentioned my online revenue to my relatives. It wasn’t much when I was starting out. But nowadays when I mention the exact figure of what I earn, almost every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to know how I’m doing it. Progress? I think so. The feeling that comes with it cannot be explained. You realize “Okay! You are going somewhere!” and your success is like a slap on the face of those people who had turned down your passion saying “You can’t make a living out of it!”

I have been into online marketing for nearly 2 years now and if you are able to say that you love your job even after 2 years of slogging it out – rest assured, you are in the right profession! I have seen many people around me giving up their true passions to just do what the rest of them are doing. Some have given up writing because supposedly their loved ones have told them it is not a very rewarding profession. Some have given up modeling because near and dear ones think that such a profession where you have to wear skimpy clothes is just not done and does not symbolize well brought-up individuals. What will society think? What will relatives think? These are questions that hold us back in pursuing our dreams. By following popular norms we make others happy but are we happy by the end of it all? No one could have put it better than Adrian Tan – “Find that pursuit that will energize you, consume you, and become an obsession. Each day, you must rise with a restless enthusiasm. If you don’t, you are working.” Now that I look more deeply into it, I feel that maybe my detractors were right all along and that perhaps I’m indeed unemployed — because for yours truly, work is nothing short of pure, unadulterated fun.

Dhanya Venugopal

Dhanya Venugopal is a software engineer residing in Kerala. Her passions include blogging and e-marketing. She has been working from home for the past 2 years marketing affiliate products plus providing services like website and content creation. When she’s not working, she can be found indulging in plain everyday simplicities of life like reading, cooking, gardening, playing with her nephew and niece and of course — gorging on her mom’s absolutely delish South Indian food!