Yogita Verma Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Mr Singh,

I am writing here to express deep concerns about many of the issues that are close to my heart. Never before a time came that I addressed an individual of your stature so do pardon me if my style of speech is a little informal.

To begin with, I would firstly like to express my appreciation towards you and your government for acting decisively on Kasab hanging and displaying ‘political will’ at its best. The ‘will’ that was earlier non-existent. However, you must also realize that politics has stalled the death sentences in numerous cases like that of Afzal Guru and this shall be acted upon soon.

I understand that it takes marvelous efforts to shoulder the responsibility for successive development of nearly 1.22 billion Indians in every aspect of life.

I would like to state that the vibrant colours- saffron, green, and white that embody our Tricolour will soon take up the hues of red, black and scarlet: Red tape, black money and scarlet corruption, lest we take decisive steps towards redemption and emancipation.

The need of the hour is to bring single-minded focus of the political parties in India on the issues of development. After all, India will ultimately gain strength if every single state gets itself involve in the process of development.

Below are listed a certain conclusive avenues through which as an Indian I take upon the task of influencing the centers of power in our country. I wish that you share my views with the representatives of the local and state governments too.

Reformation of Indian Police Act, 1861

First thing first, it’s a known fact that the root cause of majorly every problem that we’re facing presently finds its foundation in the mean word –CORRUPTION. Truly accepted!!

Compare the year 1861 and the present-day 21st Century – The people who witnessed that era of Mutiny of 1857 i.e. the first war for Independence and those who bravely fought it ascended to safe heavens long ago. Their generations, we the Indians are still facing the repercussions of the non-reformed centuries-oldIndian Police Act, 1861’. It’s just not fair Sir!

The act still governs most of the police forces in India irrespective of the far-reaching changes in governance coupled with the transition of Indian state from being a colonized nation to a Sovereign Republic.

Now, the question is where does all this take our country? I firmly believe that you ain’t unaware of how and to what extent the ‘non-reformed police reforms have crippled the deeper realms of our society. Still, I would take this opportunity to enlist certain ills that plague our society as a result of inefficient policing.

  • Under the present act, the tenure of service of Head of Police is controlled at the pleasure of the Chief Minister. Thus, allegiance is not owed to the law but to the ruling political elite.
  • With police becoming the handmaiden of the political elite as a result of which, power is condensed in fewer hands.
  • With no organization to prevent fraudulent activities credibly and to keep a check on corruption as the police remains outside the loop of prevailing democratic values, the rise in malpractices like corruption has become inevitable.
  • Police force fails to recognize the constructive counter-terrorism practices at the right time (we lost ‘three top cops’ in 2008 Mumbai attacks, not their fault but they didn’t have world-class weapons). 

Answer: Stop the Politicalization of Police by Reforming the Police Act before it gets too late!

Do this and you can always see the new face of Aam Aadmi Mr. Kejriwal, in the eyes for Jan Lokpal Bill (when passed) may streamline the governmental work processes to ultimately eradicate the contagious social malady– the corruption but only when the strong policing will assist it…….

Add Strength to the Power of YOUTH –give them HOPE

Together we stand and India takes the centre stage on the world map with the brimming energy of the Youth.  India will be one of the youngest nations by 2020 but this will only prove to be beneficial if population is healthy, educated and skilled. The onus fells upon you Sir, to create the citizens of tomorrow who works efficiently and lives a healthy lifestyle. But how shall you do it?

Incidentally, the answer to this question may make me a culprit in many of friends, acquaintances and even foes. Trust me friends, I only have your GOOD in my heart!

  • Stop the HANGOVER by Locking the LIQUOR shops!

While the legal drinking age in our country is set out to fall between 18-25 years, we’re all aware of the fact that today the ‘alcohol culture’ has become the very part of the lifestyle of our school-going children.

Ask any adolescent today, when he first tasted the alcohol; don’t be surprised if the number 15 comes up as an age when s/he first lost the senses. Yes, even girls are not behind. I believe that this fact is not a biggest shocker for most of us now.

Ideally, the ones who have a penchant for enjoying the pleasures in life shall pay the taxes. Rather than a sole bread-winner in a family who works round the clock only to pay a decent sum from his hard-earned money into taxes, Sir you shall make an act that will leverage the taxes on the individuals who shell out extra money to buy a drink or two even after they’ve already consumed enough quantity of alcohol for the day or after the legal timings for the sale of alcohol had passed.

Sir, if you’re willing to prevent the rising cases of brutal road accidents due to negligence in driving, rapes, community brawls (Cold-blooded murder of Late. Jessica Lal), rave-parties and numerous such instances owing to the effects of alcoholism,,,, take a lesson or two from Gujarat.

All in all, the law of limited or no consumption will only enrich the lives of our coming generations as they’ll have healthy, wealthy, and wise parents who at present are the competitive workforce that will lay the strong foundation for Indian Superpower!!

Answer: An effective anti-alcohol policy!

  • Standardized the quality of EDUCATION

With increasing demand for intellectual capital and specialized workforce and take note that it will only grow in the coming years, thus it becomes imperative that you and the government (state and central) take enough measures to improve the prevailing problem of the shortage of academicians especially in rural areas and small towns.

Further, one step that I would recommend for you is that you shall encourage the ‘rich and famous’ Indian entrepreneurs to invest in higher education on a large scale.

Answer: Create Long-Term Social Infrastructure!

To You as well as the future Prime-Ministers:

Few but necessary steps to strengthen our beautiful country in a long run:

    1. 1.     Take care of the old by opening more old-age homes and shelters for widows.
    1. 2.     Be open to charity and value the less-fortunate (remember the last year instance of rotten wheat grains while the poor starved).
    1. 4.     Every Indian shall make it their prerogative to treat the family of soldiers like their own especially the ones who had martyred.
    1. 5.     Buy high-quality, technologically-advanced arms and ammunitions for our military forces.
    1. 6.     Treat the disabled people with respect, increase their competency value by giving them work.

With no offences to anyone in particular, I would also like to assert that today ‘there are not enough politicians who are the leadersin a true sense of word. It’s high time that the politicians make efforts to display a sense of character and abstain themselves from giving slapdash statements especially in the situations that demands the practice of sentiment and care like the incidents of rape and other similar issues.

Wish you luck in your future endeavors!


Yogita Verma

P.S. One amongst the many Indians who firmly believes that India will change for better!

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.