You Have the Greatest Treasure!

Human capabilities surpass any ordinary level of endurance from time to time, human will is immeasurable in the face of adversities, human life-force is fuelled by energy greater than that released on the explosion of an atom bomb. Take the case of Yossi Ghinsberg.

he was lost in middle of Amazon, with no one to lean on, no contact with the outside world, wild creatures thirsty for human blood, measly stash of rice and absolutely negligible chances of survival, yet, the man survived by sheer grit and the burning desire to live. He not only got out but also became a motivational speaker, entertaining people around the world with his exceptional motivational charms and charisma.

Yossi Ghinsberg got lost in the middle of Amazon in the 1980s, and for twenty solitary days in the middle of the thick rain forest with deadly termites feasting on his being, he fought the toughest battle of his life with a hungry jaguar. He was rescued by his companion who he thought had died.

Ever since, Ghinsberg has been giving motivational talks in which he uncannily spurs people into taking positive action and challenges them to achieve the impossible. He is an excellent orator and one of the best motivational speakers in the world.

This kind of awe inspiring story of human achievement re-instills faith in oneself. Today, one constantly has to re-discover oneself and hold on to one’s inherent being, lest it gets lost in the crowd. Run the race but don’t forget who you are. We fail to recognize that every individual is unique and cannot fit into the same mould. We can achieve what we want to and all the ingredients are right there inside us waiting to be used in appropriate measures. Yossi Ghinsberg’s story itself is a reminder that we can face innumerable adversities and emerge seasoned and impervious to difficulties. It is one of the human capabilities which are used rarely by humans.

‘The world is a stage and all the men and women its characters’ as William Shakespeare aptly put it. The stage is defined by the characters and the realization of their self worth. With the latter missing or being incorrectly interpreted, there arises a string of issues as are present today in form of negative competition, low self confidence, nervous breakdown and suicide. Even false interpretations of self worth give rise to unnecessary behavioural problems. Instead, one could conveniently follow, “Don’t walk as if you rule the world but walk as if you don’t care who the hell rules the world”.

Take off the shackles of inhibition and self doubt. It is convenient to be despicable and sorry about one’s lot in life. But, by doing so one only belittles himself and entirely misses the opportunity of self discovery offered by those circumstances. What if you haven’t scored well in your board exams? Or the petrol prices are taxing your pocket? Or you couldn’t make it to the IIMs? Or your career is not going the way you want it to go? Or you aren’t able to find your Miss/Mr. Right? Wake up and don’t treat yourself too critically. Perhaps it is just another bend in your path to take you to a different route. It is a circumstance fabricated and conspired by a higher being. So it is completely unnecessary of making one’s life miserable. Instead, use it to your advantage. A famous quote says “If God answers your prayers, he is increasing your faith, if he delays then he is testing your patience but if he doesn’t answer then he knows that you are perfectly capable of handling it yourself.”

It might sound preachy but the various experiences of men and women who have achieved happiness and success in its true element have these things in common. And it benefits to reiterate so that we are constantly reminded of our correct self worth and stay motivated and spirited.

Himadri Agarwal

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