Young Diplomacy

I am a believer and so are many of us. We believe because there is something so passionate about all of us. It is this passion that arises with the growing sense of awareness and understanding young people have of the world today. The moving spirit of society is constantly renewed with its young and for any society to thrive, the young need to awaken and bring change. Being diplomats, lobbyists and political leaders are positions people aspire to be in other countries but this culture does not exist in India.


The responsibility of the youth today is to create that change happen. Education systems, I believe, have the potential within them to create an awareness and education that touches and inspires the potential young. Courses of study in the lines of Diplomacy, International, Public Administration, Public Policy, Governance and Globalization are routes not found in India at all. We have all grown up with our parents wanting us to be “engineers” and “doctors” so the option never came across our mind.


The possibility does exist and the arenas are open. The issues that the political scenarios face today will change if initiative awakens. After all, how long can the mock go on? It has to change someday. The question is – when? Therefore, if we have to answer that question, it is time to knock and reach the brim to understand what we truly want. What really drives me about politics – is the sense of possibility. To realize that politics has the potential to change the way we live is not just an idea but an actual reality. After all, how did our Prime Minister or our government come into place? Did it all happen by magic? We did vote for them if you remember! And finally…this is where the process of understanding begins. Politics has such a central dimension to national governance and it is ridiculous for the young not to take any part in it.


In recent times, we have seen a growth of the youth taking part in politics, but not in a positive way. We see young people as “party workers” and “party supporters”, but what we don’t see is the young taking part in policy and debate. The illusion that political parties have been trying to put across has to an extent been unfortunately successful. This is all however political strategy and propagation and nothing else worth. To make it worth is the challenge and to make it work is the task. This is what people fear about and this is what makes people give up. If we could overcome this one obstacle, I believe that the change we could erupt is truly “change we could believe in” and most of all – possible. The debates we have on campus inspires me. The ideas and realistic plans people have today are so evident and existent, that to ignore it is a crime. Therefore, what are we waiting for? If its initiative – there has been no better time to start something new.


Harshavardhan Bhat

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