Youth and Terrorism

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop so the saying goes. The youth of today has no work to do. It’s an age of recession and desperate for money they do whatever pays and what pays the most often makes you pay too. Youth, the most memorable time of a person’s life, the age at which one is the most active, the happiest and most carefree. They’ve got what people say ‘young blood’ running through their veins. They feel as if they can take over the world. And that’s what some of the youth really try to do. They try to take over the world and they don’t care if they die in the process.

Terrorism in youth is increasing as we breathe. No one knows when they are going to work if they will come home safe. Let alone that, no one knows when they go to sleep will they even see them the next morning? It’s an unsafe world in which we are living now. And who is making it unsafe? This youth which has gotten it into its malleable brain that the whole world is its enemy and its only friend is the Lakshar-e-toiba or the ISI or some other militant training body of such type.

It has been bored and drilled into their heads as soon as they are born. The Indians are your enemies. They will kill you and torture you as soon as you tell them that you are a Muslim. The question then arises, Nature or Nurture. What plays a part in turning the hot blooded youth into a blood sucking one. What forces the muscular arms which can do wonders into holding guns and taking lives?

Taking the example of Ajmal Amir Kasab, the terrorist who was captured in the Mumbai 26/11 Terror Attack, just 21 years old; this youth was born in Faridkot district of Pakistan on 13th July 1987. The 3rd amongst the 5 children of a poor ‘Chaat Waala’ he was pulled out of school at the tender age of 13 when he almost completed his standard 4th.  He was sent to work with his elder brother as a labourer.  He thought this work was demeaning so he started stealing and robbing. Now the point arises here is that no one taught him this. His father never told him that he had to be evil and kill people. He started doing it on his own. Then he met some people from the Lakshar-e-toiba and he joined the camp.

“His parents must curse the day he was born” says a common Indian household worker. She is thinking in her context. “No, his parents will be proud, he is fighting for his nation and will become a martyr for it” say the disgusted educated Indians. And that’s the truth.  Pakistan is not ready to accept these youth and they die for their ‘nation’.

So we can say it is not in the nurture but the fault of nature. Some people are just born evil. And the evil inside them is at the peak during their youth. Because their sinews are the strongest then, their hearts beat firmly against their ribcages. It’s the age to do great things. Whether it is wrong or right, but even the terrorists do great things, which no other man can achieve. 60 hours to fight of an army of 300 NSG’s is no laughing matter, but these young men just chose the wrong path to achieve greatness.  With their strength they could have achieved anything!

The psychology of youth is very complicated. Only another youth can understand it. The parents cannot understand it, even though they keep saying “I understand, I was your age once” well that’s true. They WERE of that age. Now they are not. Their psychology is different now.  And youth psychology when tampered with can get drastic results, and that what happens with terrorism. It’s very difficult to turn a grown man into a killing machine, so they start young. They buy 10 years olds from poor parents who have 5-6 more mouths to feed and are thankful to give one ‘for their country’.

These children are trained for years, brainwashed. It is forced into their heads that the whole world is their enemy their blank eyes have no feelings when they kiss. A normal man of 19-20 years will go mad to see the mangled and burnt corpse of a victim of a bomb blast, but not these Lucifer’s young advocates, they kill, and move on. Not feeling, not flinching. They don’t see the families they tear apart. They don’t see people pleading; they don’t see the scared eyes of the children, no. They do what they are told to do. “Kill, Kill till your last breath” they are like robots, programmed to do their master’s bidding.

How do we save the youth from committing such horrendous crimes? There are many answers to this. The parents must keep check in what their children as minors go, with whom do they fraternize. Give the children some attention. The militant camps must be eradicated as soon as possible. The PoK area is the source of all evil. It should be taken away from the Pakistanis. LeT should be banned and condemned by the whole world. Any country in the World can become a heaven if the youth works hard. And working hard with honesty and dedication.

The strength of the youth can be assessed by the havoc they create. We have youth like Sania Mirza, Vijendra Singh, and many others have brought the name of the nation forward. They have brought their small towns on the map. The power of the youth is still underestimated in India. The elders think that youth is spoilt and good for nothing. What they don’t know is that if the youth was in control such a terrible picture of India would not have been portrayed to the World.

Ridhu Bhatia

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