Yummy sure, but unhealthy too

With the advent of multinational food joints in India under the economic liberalization policy, it has proved to be providential for the young Indian crowd. We simply love to gorge on those delicious crispy burgers, hot dogs and chicken snackers and the best thing is, it doesn’t pinch our pockets much! The metros of India have a good number of middle class and upper middle class populations and a trend of families eating out. The foreign food joints have targeted this Indian middle class and upper middle class population and opened their respective outlets across the country leading to a full fledged business.

Now there are a favorable number of foreign food joints and cafés in India who enjoy a giant portion of the profit from the Indian market. Pizza Hut, KFC, Mac Donald’s, Costa Coffee are the names one cannot miss while talking about foreign giants established in India. It is in news that Starbucks, America’s retail coffee Titan, is planning to open its outlet in India. The sales volume of these foreign food joints is extensive.

When KFC first opened its outlet in Kolkata, I remember the long queues outside the outlet in Parkstreet. People eagerly waited to grab their meal and enjoy the neat and chic ambience of the store. The scenario was denser when Mc Donald first opened its outlet in my city.

Now the sandwiches, burgers and the hot dogs have become a hot favorite and it is the apt snack for people who are always on their toes! With days rolling so quick and getting busier, we don’t have much time for a meal. With the foreign food joints in India, it is much easier to grab food on the go from a place that looks squeaky clean and smiling faces around. Above all it is quite economical too!

A king size burger costs not more than Rs 70 and the small ones come as low as Rs 20- 25. The ice creams, tarts and French fries are economical buys too as compared to the Indian players like CCD and Barista.

Nutrition researchers have derived from their studies that processed meat cause cancer. The toxic substances that accumulate in the body of the animals that we consume are direct causes for cancer and other diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia. Processed meats contain sodium nitrate that is a cancer promoting additive. The toxic and nitrosamine contains carcinogen in the body cells and weakens the liver, pancreas and other internal organs of the body. Food manufacturers have confirmed that there are no alternative to preserve these meat for a long time period. The meat, consumed in hot dogs and burgers are always fresh, vibrant and juicy. The meat is dead, but appears healthy and fresh always. Canned meat products like bacon, salami, sausages, ham, pepperoni etc found in the grocery stores are all cancer bearers. Sodium nitrate and colour fixtures are used extensively for preserving these products which are cacogenic elements causing pancreatic cancers or bowel cancer. White breads and Pasta’s are unhealthy as well as they are not made with whole grains. The World Cancer Research Fund has declared that processed meat is too dangerous for consumption.

‘Prevention is better that cure’ Cancer can cause unthinkable and unbearable pain. I have seen a friend of mine succumb to cancer. After a couple of chemotherapies which she had undergone, I prayed for her death to relieve her bony body from the immense pain. Every pain has a message which is so harsh that we sometimes miss to read it… ‘Take care before it goes out of your regimen.’

Stop frequenting to these food joints and consumption of processed meat.

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds, if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon. “ ~Doug Larson.

The burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches are yummy smart eatables but cancerous too. Make a compromise to maintain a healthy internal and external system. The tender, juicy chicken and bacon is alluring but no compromises can be made with health!

Upasana Mallick

[Image Source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/maisonbisson/4985720/]