A Tribute to the Modern Indian Women

Let us turn through the folios of antiquity and travel
back 50 years from today. The exemplary Indian women had a menial
 image. Deprived from the comfort of society and untouched by the thoughts of
freedom, equality and education, she had a quiescent image of an obedient 
housewife also sometimes known as “Bhartiya grahini”.

Her face half covered under “ghunghat”.
Far away from the aura of enlightenment, over burdened by the beaten path of
 social orders. Her life began with a curse of being feminine. Her marital life 
began with the taunts of her in laws. The next few hours were reserved for
 cooking and crockery. A few hours of sleep and rest during the day was a dream in itself. And on one
 unfortunate day she had no other choice than to sit on the pile of her dead
husband and perish herself. From the
 day she took birth, to the day she relinquished her life, her life was a despondent
 anecdote in itself. It’s better to take just a glance of the past; else the deep 
study might flutter a mortal’s soul.

But there is always a pour after aridity, brilliance after 
black and gaiety after dismal. Make way for the woman of today! She is the 
mother of every field, excelling a step ahead than the men of today. Greeting 
every male with a smile. A smile of success, a smile of freedom, and most 
importantly a smile for men to be jealous about. The customs and ceremonial s
have taken a back seat and the mamas of today are drivers of today’s intellectually
 challenging phenomenon of science. It won’t be wrong to say that women have
 emerged as the face of this particular sector. For instance, the extra
terrestrial space in India is defined by cynosures of Kalpana Chawla and
 Sunitha Williams. Yes, these are the names that flash through our mind whenever we talk about space which is the final frontier. And the president of the country has the
 achievement of the oldest lady to fly a fighter plane gives the gist of the
 complete story of women from cook-hood to book-hood.

Hang on! It’s not that women have become book worms. They
 have spread their tentacles in almost every field and how can one forget the 
basic asset of feminism- the beauty and the charm! We should not forget that 
she is a lady and has the ability and charm to hypnotize any male specie. Eyes-
they can kill many men, smile- many men can die for and the blushes that can
 make anyone fall in love with them.

But being modern doesn’t mean she has forgotten her set of 
duties and responsibilities. She is the utmost important pillar of family.
 Undoubtedly Indian families are lovely abodes to live in. Thanks to women who
 lead a life of dedication and self denying for the welfare of entire family.
She is the modern “multi-fisted kaalimata”,
fist to destroy every evil and to grab good.

Some words by Friedrich Schiller might explain us what
 feminism is all about- “Honor the women! They are rose’s celestial twinning and 
weaving in lives terrestrial, weaving the bound of the most blessed love, 
veiled in the graces’ most modest attire”

Vaishnav Thakur

Image Source [http://urbanpoverty.intellecap.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/RF-Oct-Case-Study-1.jpg]