Denial of Artistic Responsibility

Those who talk about co-existence are at biggest odds with the world. If religion and ideologies were to make this world perfect, then believe you me, it would have happened before Christ.

And now that the gods have come and gone, allow my art to share my share of prejudices, biases, contempt and beliefs (see how we have been taught to name each differently).

Because when the world will become flawless (opposition says after the next election) my art will cease to exist because new versions of the world will no longer please you.

Art demands nothing but individualism, a sort dominance of only me over me. I’d quote Oscar Wilde… he says “The only creative thought one can have in an institution is how to get out of it”.

So when I look back I see not where I’ve left your institutions and beliefs. The first step towards artistic excellence is unlearning morality. New gods can rise only when the old ones razed down.

So the artists need to take the responsibility of the essential blasphemy in the society and question. The best artist will be the last believer. All I ask is to not strangle the artistic freedom to question.

For the muffled questioning voice will shake the faith of the faithful not the faithless. If my thoughts do not conform to that of the utopian image that your religion has constructed then consider the purveyor of the doom …which you have been taught to fear and believe in its inevitability.

“Artistic responsibility”

For the world which unlearns tolerance with education…. responsibility seems to be a word so inadequate. Why should I persuade you to believe in my art, when all that I am not convinced about is my art?

Am I some trader in the market of the filth of morality who would bargain and haggle for better ideologies and faultless beliefs? This is no banker’s literature which goes out in the open market with a price tag on its head and like a rainbow-clown who aims to please all.

In a civilization of disastrous inconstancies and ruinous revolutions, I should laugh at the intolerance at a change that an artist proposes through his thoughtful musings and not political jargons. Acceptance and rejection are the two choices which human mind will possess till eternity. So let art be for art’s sake.

“A book is a version of the world. If you do not like it, ignore it; or offer your own version in return.”-Salman Rushdie-

Disha kapkoti